The Right Solutions to Help You Live Independently while Aging at Home

The Right Solutions to Help You Live Independently while Aging at Home

The conversation is never an easy one to start. You begin noticing issues with navigating the stairs or you feel unsteady when getting out of the shower or bath. Sometimes, a fall occurs, making a necessity of wheelchair accessibility throughout your home. You need to understand the choices available to modify your home so that you can continue to enjoy your independence. Talking with your children or family members and asking them for guidance is crucial during this time. Working out a plan and realizing there are options and no need to panic makes for a successful home adaptation. Remaining open to suggestions always leads to a better outcome.

Perhaps you have already experienced the burden of going up the steps and maneuvering around your home. Your family members have probably already noticed it as well and are worried about you even if they do not say anything. It is human nature to resist change and acknowledge the limitations that usually occur with aging. Sacrificing safety and well-being to stay at home is not a viable option; however, there are alternatives to consider before making the drastic and expensive move to assisted living facilities. Consulting an expert with a “Certified Aging in Place” specialist opens up a variety of options.

How Do I Remain Positive During the Process?

It is best to prepare for the changes in your home by reiterating the positive aspects such as being able to continue waking up in your home where you have enjoyed living for years. You know that all creatures who survive adapt; you are no different, and your proactivity will lead to a positive result. Work together with your trusted specialist and family members to decide on the modifications that will add the best quality of life and safety to aging in place. Consider your basic needs: is it obtaining entry to the home? Navigating the steps inside? Having extra security and something to hold onto when exiting the bathtub or shower? Envision the peace of mind you will feel after these enhancements are in place and focus on what you are gaining rather than any negative thoughts. Take the time to research the Miami Dade County area to find reputable experts who take their time to make you feel like a valuable client.

What About the Cost?

Finances are always an important consideration, but it is encouraging to note that modifications are not that expensive, especially when they could be paid for in a short time. When comparing the cost of enhancements to the average $2450 monthly payment of assisted living, the reward is worthwhile, and your loved one will most likely be a proponent of staying at home versus moving to an unfamiliar place and situation. So, it is worth examining the options before incurring the additional expenses of assisted living and the mental hardship of leaving home, with its memories and comfort.

How Do I Know the Right Solution?

Peruse the websites of companies who specialize in installing items such as wheelchair ramps, chair lifts, handrails or grab bars. You may be interested in just one item, and then decide to build more safety features into the home as needed. Or you may decide to make the decision now to make the home less of a burden to live in and install handrails and grab bars throughout.

Where Can I Obtain a Quote for Modifications?

Call on Adaptable Home Solutions, where the team serves the Miami and Dade County area, and they will contact you within 24 hours to set up a time for a consultation and complementary quote. Work with their trained technicians to add attractive and essential safety features to your home!