The Benefit of Handrails

The Benefit of Handrails

It is common for seniors to fall at home. However, it is also preventable. Some seniors fall and end up with extreme injuries. To avoid the pain, installing handrails into a home can be life-saving. While handrails are more common on stairs, they can be installed just about anywhere. People with mobility limitations appreciate handrails when they are available. Without rails the risks of falling increases. Areas in a home where you would not expect handrails to be needed can be useful for seniors. These places include the few steps leading up to the garage or front door. The importance of installing handrails in these areas is not noticed for most individuals until mobility becomes challenged. What used to once be an easy task can now be daunting when movement is limited. The more handrails available, the lower chance of an injury occurring from a fall.

Putting Handrails in Important Areas

Since seniors tend to have lower mobility and are more prone to falls, which means they can use assistance in different rooms. For seniors who need help getting out of bed, a handrail can be installed by a bedside to avoid having to rely on another person for assistance. Handrails in bathrooms are another essential area. While slipping and falling can occur easily while bathing, handrails can lower the possibility. Rails in a bathroom can assist in helping seniors lift themselves and put them at ease. Other key areas include hallways and kitchens. If there is a spill in the kitchen, seniors can hold onto a rail to avoid slipping.

There is no such thing as too many handrails. When added, these rails allow seniors to move up and down the stairs, or to complete tasks without worry. While most individuals might not see the importance of handrails, for those with limited mobility, the accessibility of handrails can be life or death.

Handrails for Safety

As previously mentioned, handrails are beneficial for seniors. Handrails are essential in stairways, bathrooms, and more. Seniors can balance better with handrails. If an individual somehow loses balance from muscle weakness, they can use a rail to hold onto. Since railings assist in providing stability, they are imperative for seniors. Handrails especially provide extra support.

Railing can assist in providing seniors with peace of mind. Seniors can be comfortable in their own homes since railing assists in moving them to where they need to be. The railing outside a home is essential especially during harsh weather conditions. If rain occurs, a senior can be at risk for slipping and the railing allows for them to hold on tight.

Adaptable Home Solutions

Being able to move around a home freely can seem impossible for seniors. At Adaptable Home Solutions, we provide a way for seniors to stay safe in their homes. With our Certified Aging Place Specialist (CAPS), we can assist in placing hand bars and rails in a home. We can adjust and modify any room in a house to make it more accessible. With a variety of options to choose from, our specialists will ensure our products complement any home. If seniors are uncertain as to where to place handrails or bars, we provide a free home survey to help. Once you know where they would best be placed, we also offer decorative options to blend in with your home. When working with us, you can count on quick installation and customer satisfaction guaranteed.

For seniors, living in their homes safely is essential. With Adaptable Home Solutions, seniors will not have to worry any further about falling or not being safe. For more information, contact us today.