Living Life to the Fullest with Adaptable Home Solutions

Living Life to the Fullest with Adaptable Home Solutions

They have given so much to you through the years, and the time has arrived to invest in helping your loved one stay at home and “age in place” with comfort and security. There are many technologies and services which will help you modify the home environment, and the most important ones have to deal with mobility and accessibility. Involving your loved one in the process and making it something to look forward to will decrease stress and create a positive experience. Think of these changes as positive enhancements to the home. It can be a shared experience with your loved one, where you can create happy memories of finding solutions together.

What is the Benefit of a Wheelchair Ramp?

In years past, your loved one bounded up and down a few front porch steps or side entrance steps to enter their home, and they probably never gave it much of a thought. As mobility decreases and a wheelchair is needed, a wheelchair ramp will provide access to the home, and the choices of aluminum or wood ensure this vital structure still complements the home decor. These ramps are safe, made of non-slip material, and they are at the proper height. Experts in “aging in place” can guide you to the perfect indoor or outdoor wheelchair ramp and be sure to choose a company with highly trained “Certified Aging in Place” specialists. The use of indoor ramps may mean the difference between navigating the entire home or being relegated to only certain areas. Most of our loved ones have lived in their homes for quite some time, and the homes were not built with wheelchair accessibility in mind, so adaptations are necessary. This need is an important one. Before choosing a company, be sure to do your research. Check out testimonials and the websites of companies in the Miami area before making this decision.

What are the Options of a Chairlift?

Another wonderful option to help seniors keep their independence is a chair lift. Without it, your loved one may not be able to reach the master bedroom which is often upstairs. Indoor and outdoor chairlifts are available, as are straight lifts and curved ones. There are options available for almost every staircase situation. If your loved one is resistant to the idea of a chairlift, try to show them the rewards versus the risk of falling. The specialists at Adaptive Home Solutions will help you find the best choice to meet your loved one’s needs so that all areas of their home will be available.

Can Handrails and Grab Bars Match Current Home Decor?

Moving throughout the home can become an intimidating task. The addition of handrails and grab bars increases mobility and decreases fear of movement. For areas such as bathrooms, these additions offer additional security and safety. A company should be able to offer decors which will match the home and potentially increase the value of the home. These adaptations are seen as positives to potential homeowners with the foresight to see that either they or a loved one will surely need these options one day. Knowing there is an extra helping “hand” for movement takes away that dreadful feeling of trepidation and opens up possibilities for living independently.

A Call to Adaptable Home Solutions Can Help!

For a no cost consultation and quote, please contact Adaptable Home Solutions, and you will receive a response in 24 hours. We know how important these modifications are for your loved ones, and we want to provide you with quality products and peace of mind. Throughout Miami and Dade County, we help seniors age in place with dignity, independence, and safety.