How to Properly Age in a Home

How to Properly Age in a Home

As people age, it can become increasingly difficult for them to get around in their homes. While some individuals might wish to avoid the thoughts of entering into an assisted living home, we are here to tell you it is possible to age in place. At Adaptable Home Solutions, we provide ways for residents to safely age in their homes. Our services assist in helping seniors adjust their homes to fit their needs. With an abundance of options to choose from, aging at home is now possible.

Accessible Solutions

Seniors want to live comfortably in their homes and deserve to. If you are a senior, why should you be forced out of your home if there is no need to be? A home is filled with memories and comes with a sense of security. Leaving all the possessions and memories behind can be difficult.

When seniors find they are not as mobile as they used to be, they automatically assume it is time to move to assisted living. Most seniors might choose to go to assisted living out of the belief they are burdening those taking care of them. However, this does not always need to be the case. At Adaptable Home Solutions, we offer a variety of solutions to choose from, including wheelchair ramps and handrails. Avoid the worries of falls and not being able to access certain areas of your home when inserting safe mobility options.

Wheelchair Ramps

At Adaptable Home Solutions, you can find a variety of solutions to fit your needs. When seniors are no longer able to move around as they used to while in a wheelchair, lack of accessibility in a home can be frustrating. However, accessibility is possible by inserting wheelchair ramps. Adaptable Home Solutions is here to provide wheelchair ramps inside and outside your home. We offer aluminum ramps and wooden ramps. Our ramps are structurally sound and installed by highly trained techs. If you are uncertain of where wheelchair ramps should be placed, we offer free home analysis.

Home Stairlifts

If your home has stairs, this can be a massive indicator in determining whether or not it is time to move. There is no need to give up your home quite yet. A home stairlift by Adaptable Home Solutions can assist in moving you up and down the stairs. Without a stairlift, seniors are more likely to potentially fall or struggle with making their way up and down when needed. Whether you have straight or curved stairs, Adaptable Home Solutions offers both options to choose from. To ensure your stairs are compatible, we provide a no-obligation quote and home analysis. Once you decide to install a home stairlift, we will provide a quick installation.


For additional support in making it around your home, handrails can greatly assist. Adaptable Home Solutions’ Certified Aging in Place Specialist can successfully insert hand bars and handrails anywhere in a home. Whether you would like handrails in your room, kitchen, or bathroom, we have got you covered. Our handrail options will complement your home, so you do not have to worry about them standing out. We even offer a free home survey to determine what you would benefit the most from. Our rails will match your décor and can be quick to install.

Calling Adaptable Home Solutions

Aging is not easy, especially when you fear your home is unsafe. At Adaptable Home Solutions, we offer seniors the ability to age gracefully in their homes. With a variety of services to choose from, seniors can choose one or all services to assist in creating a safe environment. For more information, contact us today.