How to Give Seniors the Space They Need

How to Give Seniors the Space They Need

While getting older comes with benefits such as getting wiser, it also has a fair share of setbacks. Oftentimes, they are physical challenges that interfere with one’s freedom to do things on their own.

Being there for them is a noble thing, but even so, the elderly want their independence more than anything. Several studies on this subject have proven this to be true. Further, another study shows a high depression rate among seniors with a loss of independence.

Thus, the best gift you can give the elderly is their freedom. But how do you manage this knowing very well they need your support. It’s simple. Continue reading on how to give seniors the space they need and you’ll be more than fascinated. Let’s start:

Factors to Consider

Handicap Accessibility

This must be prioritized if your elderly parent or guardian is using a walker or wheelchair. You can find safe and convenient places to install this. For comfort and swift accessibility even without assistance, install a ramp, wide doors.

Also, you can include simple furniture if they would want to rest for a few minutes before going on. But this feature doesn’t end at the door; ensure their bathroom is also handicap accessible. Talking of the bathroom, ensure it has assisting features like a shower seat and a grab bar.

Location in the House

For how long are you planning to stay with your parents? If they are there permanently, or for a longer time, their bedroom must be on the main floor. This will make it easy for them to navigate around the house without requiring assistance. Also, to make it comfortable for them, install a bathroom with everything they need. You can do the same with the kitchen if it’s not on the ground floor.

How to Give Seniors the Space They Need

Organize Your Furniture

If the house has squeezed hallways, consider opening up the space by removing furniture or objects blocking this space.

Focus on Lightweight Furniture but Sturdy

To make it easy for them to carry some of the furniture on their own, you should consider this. The furniture should be lightweight enough to be carried by anyone including kids. But it must be sturdy enough to support their weight.

Furniture Layout

Switch furniture with corners with those without. For instance, choose seats with round corners and an open layout.

Install Accessible Storage Space

Identify what they frequently use in the house and store them in inaccessible spaces. In this case, consider waist height storage spaces.

Secure the Cords

Loose cords in the house are a major hazard to not only the elderly but your entire household. But when you secure them away from the walking space, everyone will be safe. If possible, enclose them in something.

Practical Choices

When deciding on the things they need such as furniture, ensure it’s something they can sit on and stand comfortably. That said, the furniture must be high enough and not that deep to facilitate swift standing and sitting.

Advanced Lighting System

Install motion sensor lighting that makes it easy for them to move around the house at night. When they don’t have to look for switches on the wall, you can rest assured they are safe.

Getting Started

Are you ready now to give your seniors the space they need? Well, reach out to Adaptable Home Solutions and they will help you out with this whole process. With their expertise and no-obligation consultation, you can discover a perfect solution that fits your elderly.