Gaining Independence in Your Home

Gaining Independence in Your Home

As seniors age, living alone can become increasingly difficult. In between mobility and accessibility issues, it can be frustrating to not be able to move around your own home. That is why at Adaptable Home Solutions, we provide mobility solutions to help you focus on living your life fully. From our wheelchair ramps to chair lifts and handrails, seniors can keep their independence within their own homes. Here are tips that can allow seniors to become more independent.

Medical Alert Systems

As seniors with canes or scooters begin to spend more time alone in their homes, the risk of injuries rises. With technology quickly advancing, seniors can receive the reassurance of being home alone when they have a personal medical alert system. These systems are generally worn as necklaces in case of emergencies. If a senior falls, all they need to do is press a button, and help will be on the way. Some families even choose to install a few security cameras around the house to ensure their loved ones are safe.

Encourage Exercise and Other Activities

Staying active is crucial. While some seniors might not want to get moving outside, it is important to stay active in one way or another. Encouraging your loved ones to take daily walks or attempt a yoga class at a senior center is essential for their health. Finding ways seniors can be active in the community, such as hosting gardening, knitting, or book club, will contribute to their health. As they can do these activities alone with friends, they can gain a sense of independence and belonging.

Personal Assistance

While having a caregiver is quite the opposite of independence, it does not have to be. Caregivers can assist seniors with a variety of tasks. While caretakers do not always have to follow seniors around, they can help with the tasks that can be more difficult. For example, caregivers can assist with cooking or prepping meals, cleaning a home, or preparing a shower. It is completely up to a senior how they would like to use a caretaker. While most seniors might prefer them to do everything, some might prefer for only limited tasks to be done.

Encourage Them to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

As seniors age, they go through multiple changes to their bodies. Many might experience new aches and pains or alterations to eyesight or hearing. These factors can sometimes result in them losing independence and leaning on family members. To keep seniors from losing their independence, family members can encourage them to prioritize their health. Seniors can take control of their health by visiting the doctors regularly, taking their medication daily, and adopting a healthy lifestyle. Healthy habits can include exercising regularly and eating the right amount of nutrients.

Safety First

As seniors begin to lose mobility, it can be scary for them to move around their homes. If a senior is in a wheelchair, Adaptable Home Solutions can assist in inserting outdoor and indoor wheelchair ramps. Wheelchair ramps allow seniors to come and go as they please. If a senior would like to spend some time outdoors, they now can without help from others. Home stairlifts are also becoming increasingly popular as seniors can now go up and down the stairs without fear of falling. Stairlifts are convenient and will not get in the way of a stairway. To assist in bathroom safety, handrails and bars are also available for installation to ensure seniors do not fall. In fact, handrails can be installed just about anywhere, including kitchens, hallways, bedrooms, and living rooms. For more information, contact Adaptable Home Solutions today.