Bathroom Grab Bars

Bathroom Grab Bars

As people age, bathrooms may become a tricky place for them. The inability to walk on wet and slippery surfaces becomes more dangerous. Any kind of fall may result in bruises and broken bones to serious head injuries. Every year more than three million senior citizens land in emergency rooms to get treated for injuries caused by falls. More than 95 percent of hip fractures are caused by a fall.

Health Benefits from Bathroom Grab Bars

The fear of falling forces senior citizens to not bathe alone in the bathtub or in the shower. They generally avoid bathing on their own because they are scared of getting hurt. Adaptable Home Solutions has an answer to this problem by providing them with bathroom grab bars which can be installed in the shower/bathtub areas in the bathroom. They are installed to provide stability to the elderly. This helps senior citizens to maintain personal hygiene and reduces the risk of injuries in the bathroom.

Bathroom Grab Bars Enhance Confidence

With the installation of grab bars, all senior citizens feel a sense of independence and confidence which improves their quality of life. It provides the freedom of continuing a proper lifestyle just like their younger days. It makes them independent rather than depending on others. Grab bars are an inexpensive solution that allows senior citizens to look after their hygiene and removes their dependency on younger family members.

Bathroom Grab Bars Offer Versatility

The unique advantage of grab bars is they are versatile and come in various shapes and sizes, all with a proper grip. This helps to provide stability to a person’s body while they use the shower area or walk around in the bathroom. The horizontal bars help senior citizens to get into the tub from their wheelchair. Adaptable Home Solutions customize these bathroom grab bars as per specific requirements of senior citizens.

Types of Grab Bars

  • Grab Bars in a Wavy Style: This kind of grab bar is a straight bar with a twist. The general design is in the form of a wave. This is generally considered a decorative grab bar for supporting senior citizens while they use different areas in the bathroom.
  • Grab Straight Bars: This kind of grab bar is the most basic grab bar that can be installed in three different ways. Adaptable Home Solutions can install this kind of bar in homes where senior citizens reside.
  • Grab Bars Which Hold Toilet Paper, Soap Dish, and Towel: This is a sturdy bar that provides stability to senior citizens in such a way that they gain access to the soap dish, toilet paper holder, and towels in the bathroom. Adaptable Home Solutions provides services to install such a bar and makes everyone’s lives easier.
  • Side Bar with a Showerhead: This bar helps senior citizens to comfortably stand and sit while they bathe. It also provides them appropriate stability to hold the shower head whenever they bathe. Customers can connect with Adaptable Home Solutions to install such a bar that simplifies bathing for senior citizens.

Take Care of Your Bathroom Needs

Adaptable Home Solutions provides bathroom grab bars to senior citizens so they may age gracefully. This is a customized solution to improve stability and confidence in senior citizens. Every senior citizen can lead an independent life without being dependent on their children or other family members. Adaptable Home Solutions looks to improve the quality of life for senior citizens by providing such solutions to enhance their independence, self-confidence and provide them an opportunity for freedom. Customers can connect with Adaptable Home Solutions to place an order for such grab bars which will enhance the lives of senior citizens efficiently.