Stairlift Myths

Stairlift Myths

The ability for a homeowner to move around freely in their home is vital for comfortability. However, movement can be difficult if a home has a staircase. If homeowners have a bad knee or another related medical issue and cannot get up the stairs, stairlifts are a perfect solution. Experts at Adaptable Home Solution can provide customers with a variety of stairlifts to choose from for their home needs. Stairlifts are easy to use and completely safe. Without stairlifts, some senior citizens can be put at risk of falling. Although there are a multitude of benefits of stairlifts, there are a few surrounding myths that need to be debunked.

A Stairlift Takes Up Too Much Space

A stairlift taking up a majority of a stairway is a common belief for most individuals with stairs. However, after a stairlift is properly installed, there will be plenty of room for people to use the stairs as needed. Once used, a stairlift can be easily put aside without being a hassle to others.

Lack of Accessibility

Some staircases have a few twists and turns, and most homeowners might think that this can prevent a stairlift from being used. However, most stairlift models can be installed to move throughout all the turns and curves of any stairway. At Adaptable Home Solutions, a team of professionals will come to the home and see that the stairlift is installed properly.

Stairlifts Cause Damage to Walls

At first glance, a stairlift might seem as if it is attached to the wall. But in fact, the stairlift is attached and properly installed onto a staircase. Homeowners will not have to worry about damage being done to their walls. All stairlifts are comfortably and efficiently mounted onto the staircase.

Giving Up Independence

Some people might think that installing a stairway is a way of giving up your own mobility and independence. However, this is not true. Installing a stairway will make it easier for senior citizens to go up and down the stairs at their own convenience rather than avoiding the stairs due to lack of ability and energy. Users of a stairlift can make their way around their home easily and efficiently, especially if they are suffering a serious injury or stairs are no longer safe to use. Stairlifts can assist in ensuring independence is gained by allowing homeowners to move around safely and freely.

Stairlifts Are Made For Elderly

It is a common thought that in order to use a stairlift, you must be elderly. However, not all stairlift users are elderly. Stairlifts can be used for any age group that has experienced a serious injury or has a difficult time using the stairs safely. If a teenager hurts their foot playing a sport, they might be unable to use the stairs until it fully heals. Without a stairlift, a teenager would have to rely on others to assist in getting up and down the stairs. However, with a stairlift, mobility is made easier for anyone who needs assistance.

Adaptable Home Solutions for Stairlifts

Stairlifts increase independence and allow individuals to move throughout their home as they please. At Adaptable Home Solutions, home stairlifts are provided for convenience and mobility for senior citizens and those suffering injuries. Specialists at Adaptable Home Solutions can assist with providing a free consultation with a no-obligation quote. Customers can also expect an affordable cost for AHS stairlifts.

Customers get a stairlift that will fit the home perfectly with quick installation when they choose to contact Adaptable Home Solutions. For more information regarding stairlifts, including scheduling a free consultation, contact Adaptable Home Solutions today.