Creating a Safe Space for Seniors to Live

Creating a Safe Space for Seniors to Live

Although aging is a natural process, deciding what to do as your parents age is difficult when you realize they need additional help to stay in their home. The situation creates anxiety and an array of mixed emotions. You want your parents to be safe and comfortable in their home environment, and that means trying to stay at home as long as possible. Moving to assisted living makes for a stressful situation and usually a good bit of resistance from your loved one.

They aren’t trying to be difficult as much as they are resisting change and avoiding acknowledging their limitations. Your parent’s home is their comfort zone. They want to stay in the place where perhaps they raised you, have treasured possessions, and memories of a life well lived. Walking through the home gives them a sense of belonging and security. It is familiar and safe. Leaving their home is extremely difficult, especially when leaving it for the unknown. Sometimes, finances are an issue, and assisted living is just too expensive for a family’s budget.

Often, you have aging parents and children you are caring for at the same time. Life is busy, and it is easy to avoid making difficult decisions; however, decisions made before an accident or injury occurs will make life easier for everyone involved in the situation. If you receive a dreaded call where your parent has fallen and needs immediate assistance, the situation leaves you without time or resources to make clear decisions. To avoid that situation, when you first start noticing issues or before issues arise at all, begin research to see what can be done to update your parent’s home to meet their current needs.

What are some Affordable Options to Age in Place?

When you notice mobility or instability issues in your parent, you may experience a bit of panic and a sinking feeling that your once indomitable parent is in need of assistance. Fortunately, there are options to create a safe environment! Homes can be adapted to meet the changing needs of your family member. Adaptations are the key to creating a situation where you can rest easy, knowing there are safeguards in place to keep your parent home where they want to be knowing they have the assistance they need.

What Adaptations are Easy to Obtain?

In the Miami-Dade County area, there is a great need for helping seniors “age in place.” This means acknowledging the need for change but keeping the changes to a minimum. Companies such as Adaptable Home Solutions offer several options such as wheelchair ramps, chair lifts, handrails, and grab bars. These options are much more affordable than you may think, especially when compared to the average price of $2405 for assisted living each month in the Miami-Dade County Area. These options also have modern design which can complement the current decor of the home and not be an eyesore. A reputable company will advise you as to the best items to install and offer you choices to make the installation process trouble free.

A Call to Adaptable Home Solutions Can Help

When you are ready to engage a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS), contact the experts at Adaptable Home Solutions. One of our dedicated employees will contact you within 24 hours to arrange a time to give you a free, no obligation, consult. You are not in this situation alone; there are affordable options for your parent to stay at home and have more independence, creating a better night’s sleep for you and your loved one.